Parenthood! :)
  • favorite male character: Crosby
  • favorite female character: Kristina
  • least favorite character: Zeek
  • prettiest character: OH, HARD. Um… Kristina? Sarah? I DON’T KNOW. THEY’RE ALL BEAUTIFUL. JOEL. THERE YOU GO. JOEL.
  • funniest character: Adam. Peter Krause is never afraid to look like a dork, and I just love it a lot.
  • favorite season: Three, maybe.
  • favorite episode: I’m gonna go with the first one that pops in my head and say Road Trip from season 3.
  • favorite romantic ship: Sarah/Mark, probably. Drew/Future boyfriend (SHHH!).  Also, I liked Amber and Steve from season 1, NEGL. I think they had good chemistry. I like her and Bobby too. It’s strange, I don’t really ship with this show? Like I think this is the best show on TV, it’s one of my favorite shows, but I don’t watch it with sort of fandom goggles. You know what I mean? It just sort of feels different.
  • favorite family ship: WHAAAAAAT. How do you do this with this show? I… Maybe… KRISTINA AND AMBER. I’m just gonna throw that out there. But I love everyone/everyone.
  • favorite friend ship: I don’t really know if you’d call this a friendship, but Alex and Haddie’s parents? This mostly boils down to Michael B. Jordan’s fucking face to be honest. Also I was a blubbery mess when Max made his new friend at school.
  • worst ship: Drew/Any girl? Seriously, I just wish Katims would stop being apprehensive about writing gay characters. Even the background gay characters on FNL were good. Gay people are just people, and I have faith that Katims could do a coming out story truthfully, and do it justice. Drew has pinged my gaydar since the first season, and I know he has with a lot of others. He and Amy are cute, but I’d rather her be a supportive friend to him when he comes out. And this… I don’t want to say it’s the worst, but I don’t care for Crosby and Jasmine anymore. I just think after last season, I can’t really see them together anymore. But hey, I hope things work now that they’re married, I guess.
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